House of Grayraven- ONLY SIM-ARC.png

Greetings, merry Wanderer,

You are most welcome here.

As you may or may not know, I am called Gallahad Grayraven.
I 'Wander' the 52 Firmaments.

What are the 52 Firmaments?

This question is central to my work. Our work. I will explain what I know as we go, but to say more at this point is futile. You simply have to see for yourself- as I expect you will. 

You and I are 'Wanderers'. Your mind is as expansive and fertile as a newborn firmament (another word for universe). No matter how bound your abilities may currently be, trust me, your potentials are far greater than you can imagine! What's more, they will only grow in strength.

For instance, you are currently viewing and interacting directly with my mind, which would already be a miracle if I were merely in an adjacent room, but I am uncounted lightyears away; a guest in an entirely different firmament from the one you call home. Yet, you not only receive me loud and clear, you continue to read, as if you desire to know more. If I am correct, this is truly a good and proper place to begin. 

Thanks to my patented "Fixed Point Connection System", which utilizes a container forged from an Adaptive Constant, you will have access to my journals, such as they are. Instead of small notepads which can easily have their pages torn away, I have functionally re-designed my 'notepads' to mimic a box of playing cards. Not only does the box retain the pages, but I find my pocket-sized packets of paper to be most
efficacious for my note-taking and sketch-making needs.

The House of Grayraven, (a time-honored institution of which one exists in each of the 52 Firmaments,) will arrange the duplication of my notepads and distribute them to the ever-growing number of Wanderers out there. I hope you find my musings useful and illuminating. And I hope you enjoy the examples of local art and culture I bring from beyond the boundaries. 

I've said enough for now. I will find you again soon. Seek notification of the releases of my journal notepads by staying up to date on the comings and goings of the
House of Grayraven [in your firmament.] Otherwise, I urge you to remain honorable, humble and grateful at all times. Make that your creed and you too may be knighted by the Holy Order of the Gilded Edge.

It has been my honor to make your acquaintance. I look forward to great things from you.  

Ser Gallahad Grayraven,

Brotherhood of the Cruciform Club,
Holy Order of the Gilded Edge,
Blessed with the Enduring Luck
of the Seven Pillars of Gulu.