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All has blossomed exactly as foretold by the Harbinger Stones:

"Head of the Snake", the Starblooded Empress, Kha’li Kha’ze, who was also the Channel of Nyxyss, succumbed to the Thriving, forcing her to surrender her mask.

The Winterwardens have successfully reintegrated. They remain comfortably asleep until they are called by the Crystal.

And today, the Rite of Diama’bhoka, unfurled before my eyes.

Thus, it has come to pass that, on this day, Ophili, (who was only recently ordained Olo Mhatra of the Primm’ra Summerlands,) was granted her third eye and therefore undeniably anointed Diama’bhoka: Herald of the Diamond Eye. Diama’bhoka is Revelator and Diviner. She shall receive and interpret prophetic transmissions from the Dreaming Mother, Chloriisan. “All shall hear her. None may refuse her.”, was endlessly repeated into a rumbling blur, by the young Nyo’patro monks.

As Olo Mhatra (Hallowed Mother, sometimes called Mother of Omens), Ophili shepherds the fates of every Al’Qemoi who currently draws breath, as well as all who come after. To accomplish her great task, Ophili must undergo today’s Rite of Diama’bhoka, thereby becoming Chloriisan’s conduit. Henceforth and until she is inevitably transmuted by The Fall, Ophili shall faithfully and competently guide the world of Arboros toward the completion of its sacred cycle.

And now my account of how Ophili became the Diama’bhoka.

The Olo Mhatra knelt en syncro, a state something like a meditative prayer. She knelt in the velvety black center of a very young and exceptionally large Lotus Sunflower, which grew in the great pool of the Lim Po river. This emerald pool is sacred to the Primm’ra for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is partially fed from below by waters warmed at the geothermic heart of Arboros.

Ophili settled into balance, gently bowing her head, and slowing her breathing to facilitate absolute syncro. Many hours later, I marveled that she hadn’t moved a muscle; not a flinch, not a twitch! It was as if she had vacated her body, appearing so disarmingly peaceful that it was impossible to gauge what was actually happening. Once everyone’s thoughts had effectively drifted from the proceedings, it was then that the Olo Mhatra finally twitched.

And oh, what a twitch it was. Heart-stopping, to say the least.

Ophili’s entire body snapped back without breaking, arching from head to toe like a hunter’s bow made of an unbreakable oko branch. Suddenly, I noticed that she was not only suspended in mid-air, but she was slowly gaining altitude. The pose appeared palpably painful, yet positively powerful. And though this most regal and prestigious woman was aggressively gripped by a force that no one in attendance could see or truly fathom, the witnesses remained calm, having long since been made aware of the Rite’s dramatic agenda.

Once Ophili was a good three feet off the ground, her arms, which had been formerly plastered to her sides, curled up to her chest for the briefest of moments before being thrown out wide, casting her lean yet curvaceous body into the shape of a crucifixion cross. Her fingers splayed as far apart as they could without splitting the skin which connected them. It was both awesome and awful to watch. And the spectacle only mounted from here, as it started to seem as though Ophili’s palms might be glowing!

Ophili’s hands had indeed begun to luminesce. The phenomenon was a wonder to behold, giving the impression that something akin to magma flowed freely beneath her flesh. I couldn’t help but hope that it was not burning her. Alas, my sympathetic sideline was seriously upstaged as the magma radiated forth from her hands, sprinting rather quickly up her arms, flowing fluidly over her shoulders to rise up in her throat. To accommodate the escape of the glowing energy, her mouth stretched open wide, and so did her milky gray eyes. And with that, Ophili screamed at the sky, accompanied by what I can only describe as a wildly whirling, shimmering column of heat and sound. The column rose to connect Ophili with the very Firmament she shrieked at.

Once the column touched the dark and stormy sky, a swirling vortex spun open a hole in the ominous clouds. This allowed a beam of pure sunlight to pierce through and travel down the column, through her open mouth, and into the very core of Ophili’s body. Every inch of her was now radiant and becoming increasingly difficult to look upon. And just as the radiance became blinding, the energy quickly withdrew from her extremities, as if pulling back to culminate into a small glowing sphere in the middle of her throat. Once the radiance was fully concentrated, the small ball of light travelled slowly and smoothly up into Ophili’s skull.. Her body went limp, still suspended by the unseen force, but now lifelessly dangling in the air. Thought it seemed to last for minutes, it was probably only 5 or 10 seconds until she again tensed up into a cross, only to again thrown her head back and once again, scream at the sky.

And lo, an incision, surgically precise, slowly bled a dripping line across the center of her forehead. It must have hurt terribly, but her senses were sidetracked, the pain becoming confused by the unimaginable sensations coursing through her. As if that weren't enough, four tiny, metallic-silver tentacles slowly emerged from within the incision. There was a tentacle at either end of the incision, they each folded back their tips, clamping the flesh. The other two tentacles were horizontally side-by-side, occupying the center of the incision until the one on the left climbed atop the one on the right. Now, they too folded back, clamping the flesh above and below the incision. Ophili screamed as before, as the tentacles slowly moved apart, stretching open the blood red line, forcing it into the shape of a perfect diamond.

I peered in through the diamond-shaped opening and saw what I can only estimate to be the actual depths of the Void! Endless Nothingness! It chilled me to the deepest root of my being! That is, until the Diama, Diamond Eye of Chloriisan, slowly but confidently pushed out from within the Olo Mhatra’s head. It emerged further and further out of her skull until it snapped tight into the setting created by the tentacles. At that moment, Ophili's human eyes turned from milky white to red, as if glowing with the same power contained in the Diamond Eye.

For all the horror required to open the third eye, the results are nothing less than glorious. Ophili’s skin was polished and dewy, and I could swear she was partially dusted with fine flecks of gold and ruby, which sparkled in and out of sight, depending on the angle of the light. The Diama ceased to glow red and instead began to shine golden yellow. glowed more brightly equivalent to the abatement of the fear in her facial expression. And as the Diama attained optimum golden glow, Ophili’s face simultaneously became the picture of a peace that I cannot fathom, let alone describe. Finally, Ophili closed her red eyes, and immediately, the Diama assumed a state of rest and turned a lovely, but comfortably innocuous shade of lemon yellow. The pupils of Ophili's given eyes followed suit with the third eye, and became a milky yellow, not so lemony as the Diama.

Ophili revealed to me, several days later, that once the Diama aligned with her mind, she could quite literally see it ALL; the big picture, the sum and total of everything that is, was, or ever shall be. What she quickly understood is that there is simply no reason to be afraid.

Nothing is destroyed, everything is unavoidably subject to transmutation. Change is absolute, constant and eternal. All that is happening has happened before- and it shall certainly happen again. It must. And we will learn a little bit more each time we complete the these cycles, whether of our own lives or the cycles of other lifeforms throughout the Firmaments.

Last summary point: It is clear to me, for whatever that may be worth, that Olo Mhatra Ophili is most wise and most capable of her task. I am honored to have witnessed her life, and I am eternally honored to have had the chance to know her as a person.

- Gallahad

Side Notes:

The Diamond Eye can ONLY be used for prophecy by the Olo Mhatra of the Primm’ra. It is known that, the Primm’ra are generally attuned to the signature hum of the original Spark of Consciousness: Sparkfather, Doubtsinger, Lightbringer. Often summarized as the Sparkmind.

The "Diama" or "Diamond Eye", allows the marked Olo Mhatra to channel the Sparkmind, which quite literally considers ALL possibilities in ALL directions. But even the Sparkmind must succumb to the Dreaming, and sleep its fair share. But fear not, for the Echoes of Has, resound! As the Spark shall always stir the Echoes, so the Echoes shall always stir the Spark.

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Greetings, Wanderer.

You are most welcome here.

As you may or may not know, I am Gallahad Grayraven.

I 'Wander' the 52 Firmaments.

What are the 52 Firmaments?

This is an excellent question! Near and dear to my heart as it is central to my work. Our work. I will explain what I know as we go, but to say more at this point is futile. You simply have to see for yourself- as I know you will.

How will you do this? How will you SEE for yourself?

We, that is you and I, are what I have come to call 'Wanderers'.

You see, your mind is expansive and fertile- in the very likeness of a newborn firmament (another word for universe)! No matter how bound or blocked your abilities may currently be, our meeting is the salve that you have sought. Fret no more, for you are no longer alone in all of this.

I don't know everything, but what I do possess is yours, my friend. In more ways than I can currently explain. ogether, we will unlock the deepest potentials in ourselves and the myriad realities which our gifts can grant us access to. That is, as long as you commit to learning the Ways of the Wanderer! A compendium of essentials every Wanderer should know.

Thanks to my patented "Constant Correlation System", (which utilizes a container forged from an Adaptive Constant- which can be synchronized throughout all 52 Firmaments), you will have access to my journals, such as they are. Instead of small notepads which can easily have their pages torn away, I have functionally re-designed my 'notepads' to mimic a box of playing cards. Not only does the box retain the pages, but I find my pocket-sized packets of paper to be most efficacious for my note-taking and sketch-making needs.

The House of Grayraven, (a time-honored institution of which one exists in each of the 52 Firmaments,) will arrange the duplication of my notepads and distribute them to the ever-growing number of Wanderers out there. I hope you find my musings useful and illuminating. And I hope you enjoy the examples of local art and culture I bring from beyond the boundaries.

I've said enough for now. I will find you again soon. Seek notification of the releases of my journal notepads by staying up to date on the comings and goings of the House of Grayraven [in your firmament.] Otherwise, I urge you to remain honorable, humble and grateful at all times. Make that your creed and you too may be knighted by the Holy Order of the Gilded Edge.

It has truly been my honor to make your acquaintance. I look forward to great things from you. Oh, the sights we shall see!

Your constant friend,

Ser Gallahad Grayraven,

Brotherhood of the Cruciform Club,

Holy Order of the Gilded Edge,

Blessed with the Enduring Luck

of the Seven Pillars of Gulu.

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